Executions: The Making of 'The Animatrix' (2003)

Executions: The Making of 'The Animatrix' (2003)

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Executions: The Making of 'The Animatrix'

This making-of piece is composed of seven segments: "Making The Second Renaissance Parts 1 and 2" (9:45), "Making The Program" (6:13), "Making World Record" (7:25), "Making Kid's Story And Detective Story" (9:42), "Making Beyond" (8:48), "Making Matriculated" (6:46) and "Making Final Flight Of Osiris" (6:39). Each of the features cover something a bit different, as some of the features are a pure "making of" type feature, while others might also delve into certain influences and things of that sort. Everyone involved speaks of their approach to their specific feature (or features) and they also talk about how they were approached by the Wachowski's about the Animatrix project and in certain instances, we learn about the director, as well as their work before signing on to this particular project. We get to see footage from the short itself, as well as interview footage with the principals and footage from behind-the-scenes.

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    Josh Oreck
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  • I rollerna:
    Joel Silver Self Lana Wachowski Self Lilly Wachowski Self (as Andy Wachowski)

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